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While designing your rooms, how about going all out and experimenting with new things? Explore different color palettes, different designs, and different shapes of furniture to give a fresh look to your space.

Let’s look at rugs and carpets, for instance. 

We have a natural affinity for choosing rectangular or square rugs because our spaces and furniture typically have right angles. But do you know round rugs can add that same zing to your room as rectangular and square ones? They make your room look more spacious and beautiful. And if your rooms have curved architectural details or round furniture, a round rug will seamlessly fit in with the decor. 

Chevron Collection Round Carpet A-9376 6.7x6.7 Feet

There are various ways to use these rugs. Here are some ideas that you can use to give the rooms a new look.

How to use round rugs?

Living room

Use round rugs to define a vignette or a focal point. It is particularly useful when you want to draw the attention of your guests towards your exquisite furniture or an art piece. You can place the furniture above the round rug or at its perimeter. But here’s a word of caution - avoid placing too much furniture on the round rug. That could make the room look cluttered. If you have a round architectural element such as a chandelier, align its center with the rug for adding symmetry.

Dining area

This rug variant blends perfectly with a round dining table. Place the rug in such a way that the chairs can be moved easily to and away from the table. It should be at least 30 inches larger all around the table. 


That feeling of keeping your feet down on a cosy round rug instead of a cold floor first thing in the morning cannot be expressed in words. Add a cosy touch to your room by placing the round rug on either side of the bed. You can also choose to keep one large rug centered under the bed.

Children’s play area

Round rugs not only add a fun element to the play area but also safeguard the children from injuries and provide warmth. Choose a rug that’s large enough to accommodate all the toys and books. So, it’s easy to collect them once they are done playing. Ideally, a softer material like wool and silk can be used to ensure that the rugs are soft as children would spend more time on the floor. 


Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with these rugs. They are soft and will provide warmth to the user between the bathing and vanity area. Most importantly, it’s safe for elders and children who are susceptible to falls on wet floors. But here’s a word of caution - ensure that the rugs are cleaned thoroughly and regularly to avoid mold or bacteria. 


Parting shot

Round rugs, if placed correctly, will accentuate the look of your rooms. Choose the one that will blend with your decor and furniture seamlessly and is durable. 

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