Date: 01 Mar 2022 5173 Views

If you’re styling a modern home, you might think you are limited to contemporary rugs and carpets as statement floor coverings. But the truth is, antique rugs make striking centrepieces, particularly when juxtaposed against minimalistic, contemporary furnishings. 

Antique rugs are not only aesthetically pleasing but they come with centuries of stories woven into their pile. In an age that is dominated by factory production and synthetic materials, antique rugs offer a more sustainable option that places value on handmade creations and the skills of artisans.


Most antique rugs are handmade from natural fibres, such as wool, which has strong insulating properties, is naturally antibacterial, and will last for generations. Buying an antique rug may come with a higher price tag but it is an investment that will stand the test of time. Unlike some cheap, factory-made modern carpets, hand-knotted antique rugs may have already been around for decades, with their colour and appearance still as beautiful as the day they were made. 


When you consider that most antique rugs are coloured using natural dyes (rather than synthetic dyes with nasty chemicals), buying an antique rug is also a sustainable choice for you and your family. The first synthetic dyes were invented in the mid-19th century, so any rugs manufactured in the years prior are likely to be coloured with natural dyes. That being said, there has been an increased interest by modern carpet and rug manufacturers in using natural dyes, so it is also possible to find contemporary, antique-style options that are also sustainably made. 

Handmade artworks

The popularity of antique rugs in modern homes reflects a renewed interest in the value of handmade artisan objects, such as crockery, woodwork and textiles. Before the advent of machinery, all rugs and carpets were woven by hand and were infused with the creative stamp of their maker. When you buy an antique rug for your home, you are not just buying a floor covering but a precious piece of art that draws on generations of knowledge. 

Traditional designs

Many of the designs featured in antique rugs are not just combinations keyed into a computer but long-established traditions handed down from maker to maker. They may reflect the unique characteristics of the workshop where they were crafted or the motifs envisioned by a master weaver. When you buy an antique rug for a modern home, it brings with it stories that will enliven your space and become a talking point with guests. 

Warm aesthetic

Modern homes can often have a cold aesthetic, with strong lines, industrial materials and the absence of ornate decorations. The addition of an antique rug immediately brings warmth to the space, with rich colours, intricate patterns and a lustrous texture. If you’re styling a room with exposed concrete floors or bare white walls, an antique rug will instantly make it more inviting. 

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