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Tribal Shiraz Quashgai

7.6'x 109'


Tribal Filpaya

8.2'x 11'


Tribal Balouch kafkash

10'x 12.3'


Tribal Afghan

8.3'x 11.4'


Souzani Collection

8.7'x 11.1'


Safavid Collection Tree Of Life

8.1'x 10'


Safavid Collection

9'x 12'

Price on request

Safavid Collection

9.1'x 12.5'


Safavid Collection

8.9'x 12'


Safavid Collection

8.2'x 10.6'


Safavid Collection

8'x 9.7'


Safavid Collection

8'x 10.3'



Frequently asked questions

What are the different Carpet Grades?

Carpets can be either handmade i.e. hand-knotted of machine made. We deal solely in the hand-made kind. Broadly our rugs can then be further classified into Antique and New Pieces.

Here are some of our major lines -:

Antique’ - Original pieces from Mr. Sheel Chandra’s private collection of antique rugs. This collection is acknowledged to be the single largest private collection in the world after the Sultan of Brunei’s. We have a part of this private collection available for sale at the Carpet Cellar. Geographically this collection spans the entire carpet-making world and comprises individually selected pieces from Iran, Afghanistan, India etc.The famous Bukhara carpets, Kirman rugs, Isfahans, Samarkands and many more find representation here.

‘Silk Carpets’ – The famous ‘Indian silk carpets’ manufactured by us in Kashmir; these are new carpets and can be made entirely of Silk or inSilk with a cotton foundation. These “Kashmiris” often take inspiration from the classical Persian designs. Silk is the ultimate luxury fibreand these carpets are prized for their ornate design and opulent finish

‘Antique Reproductions’ – We recreate classical Persian and Mughal carpets using the same dyeing and weaving techniques of yore. Do peruse our stylish ‘Silk and Wool Collection’ for our Persian reproductions and the ‘Mughal Jail Collection’ for our imitations of the erstwhile Jail Carpets. All these carpets are manufactured using clothing grade merino wool and are also available with silk accents.

‘Kilims’– a large selection of the flat weaves from Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. These “tribal rugs” are in bold geometric designs and oft- vibrant colours. Made for self-use rather than sale, each piece then becomes unique and the handiwork remarkable.

‘Montage’ – Modern carpets in sleek lines and contemporary colours.

What Indian carpets do you keep?

Old Indian rugs are represented in our Old & Antique selection; we stock original pieces from the 19th and 20th century. Some have been privately acquired from the royal families of India while others are new rugs manufactured by us today. For antiques see – Old & Antique Carpets For new carpets in wool and silk see - Silk carpets, Mughal Jail Carpets and Hajli Jalili Collection.

What dyes do you use?

We recreate age-old carpet making techniques. In keeping with that we use natural dyes i.e.vegetable dyes

What is an Abrash?

A change in color in the field or border of a rug is called and ‘Abrash’. The color change extends across the rug, left to right, following a weft yarn andthisis due to differences in wool or dye batches used in the weaving of the rug. Rather than being seen as a flaw an Abrash is appreciated by carpet lovers as a testamentof handwork.

I am on a budget, could I still afford an Oriental rug?

It is a misnomer that all oriental rugs areunreasonably expensive. If you are on a budget you could still buy a great carpet. Consider selecting pieces that are newer and factor in raw material and labour costs. Silk yarn is more expensive than wool, and silk carpets also require more time and skill to weave because of the more intricate patterns.