About Us


With a renowned collection, The Carpet Cellar is a specialist in rugs and carpets of all varieties. Curated under the expert eye of our founder Sheel Chandra, we have played a key role in many textile exhibitions around the world. Leading museums have borrowed from our collection for display. Our unique and sometimes priceless pieces are small treasured parts of history that complete the story of a specific time or age. Our pieces capture the idea of art in transition as we witness the adaptability of design to suit both necessities and luxuries. Our offering includes certified antique carpets, perfectly executed recreations, modern designs as well as kilims, durries, shawls and textiles.

The uniqueness and beauty of our collection, draw clients from around the world. With unmatched knowledge and experience in wool, cashmere and weaving, the professionals at the Carpet Cellar aim to find the finest raw material, best facilities, and classically trained artisans to facilitate the creation of new pieces. This unique collaboration enhances our capability to ensure the quality of the end product. The wide range of handwoven and hand-knotted masterpieces are carefully curated for their uniqueness and brilliance, the collection reveals a variety of styles and designs that will appeal to a wide range of tastes.