1. The Ultimate Design Quiz

Take our carpet quiz to arrive at a recommendation of carpets that are curated for your space. Just what you had envisioned!

We'll ask a few questions to recommend a personalised look that you'll love!

Start by simply selecting a design style below that appeals most to you

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Which size best fits the space?

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2. The Design Chat

Design is one of our top parameters at The Carpet Cellar. Aesthetics and creativity play a key role in our extensive collections. We understand how sometimes purchasing a rug can be a bit daunting, and we’re here to simplify the jargon and help make your acquisition simple and easy. We can offer insight and advice through our design chat. Simply share your space and size requirements and we can suggest several options. Please email us with details at [email protected]


3. Workshops

The Carpet Cellar conducts various workshops to help educate and inform those who are interested. Our workshops encompass simple beginner-level information for a first-time buyer, as well as more detailed knowledge for the keen carpet and shawl customer. This will help give you a starting point as you enter the world of carpets, and allow you to make an informed decision with your next purchase. It also gives you a glimpse into the work that goes into creating rugs and carpets of all genres. To register for our next workshop, please email us at or check us out on Instagram.